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Annual Private Treaty Bull Sale



Welcome to the last offering of bulls to sell at Tom Brothers Ranch. While this offering is smaller than our usual selection it is certainly not short on quality. We made the decision last year to sell the top end of our registered SimAngus and Simbrah herd and shift gears to a lower maintenance commercial herd. Simmental and Angus genetics will still be the core of our cowherd with an emphasis on end product quality and selling direct to consumers. 

Bulls are a serious investment that impact your herd for many years to come and that thought is what we keep in mind every day managing our herd. As you’ve come to expect these bulls have genomic enhanced EPDs, are parentage verified, and have the convenience traits of all being born unassisted, gentle dispositions, polled, and no hoof trimming. We know what these cattle are capable of from generations of performance testing and selecting cattle that perform in our harsh south Texas environment. Our cattle are tough, durable, and proven. 

Visitors are always welcome at Tom Brothers Ranch. We’d be glad to assist you in finding the bull(s) that fill the needs of your herd. Come see for yourself why SimGenetics continue to gain market share in the U.S. beef industry. Thank you for your interest in our program.


Philip and Ellen


This is a private-treaty phone or in person bid-off. Each lot is assigned a base price and bidding increments are $100. The bidding process opens when catalog is published and closes December 2, 2023 at 10 a.m. Call/ text Ellen (210) 213-0020 or Philip (512) 296-6845 to schedule a viewing appointment and place your bids on or before 10 a.m. or in person. If more than one party places a bid on a lot, parties will be promptly contacted to bid-off for the lot. If only one party places a bid on a lot by 10 a.m., the lot is purchased at base price. 

Ellen Tom 


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Philip Tom


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Live Oak Vet Clinic

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Gillespie Nutritional Services

Mike Reavis


All bulls are scrotal measured, virgins unless otherwise noted, and are guaranteed breeders. Bulls have been fully vaccinated and dewormed with a supervised veterinarian recommended protocol. Tom Brothers Ranch will perform a breeding soundness exam upon purchase of a bull or a $50 discount will be given on sale day to the new owner to perform. Tom Brothers will provide health papers for shipment anywhere in the United States. 


$50 off bulls hauled by January 15 by purchaser.  If purchaser requests at time of settlement, we will assist in making delivery of bulls.  Free delivery within 150 miles.  For bulls traveling beyond 150 miles, the most economical trucking available will be arranged, and the 150 mile credit will be applied towards the delivery cost.  We will make special delivery arrangements and discounts for volume buyers on an individual basis.   


We will keep your bulls for $4.00/day after February 1. Tom Brothers is not responsible for accidents to bulls kept at the ranch after the sale. The bulls become your property when they are sold. We suggest you insure your purchase.


Every bull is guaranteed to be sound on sale day. Every bull selling carries a 100% guarantee for one year, provided the bull is managed for proper nutritional and physical health. In the event a customer has a problem with a bull (health, injury or death) prior to or during the bull’s first year, the customer should immediately contact Ellen or Philip to report a claim. A veterinarian’s statement of the problem will be required and Tom Brothers reserves the right to have the bull returned if deemed necessary. The customer will be given a full credit (minus salvage value of the original bull). Tom Brothers will not be held responsible under any circumstances for any settlement amount exceeding the purchase price of the bull. 

DIRECTIONS TO THE RANCH: Off of Interstate-37 take exit #88. Turn east onto FM 1099. Travel 2.2 miles and turn right onto County Road 412. (Look for the Tom Brothers sign) Travel on County Road 412 for 0.7 miles and entrance is on the left.